Welcome to Nissi- Learning Management system (Nissi –LMS)

We at NIPL, believe in translating technology for humankind. Thus,Learning and teaching is at the core of mission. A mission which we have been faithfully and proudly carrying on for the past two decades.

With the new challenge posited by Covid-19 in learning and interaction between students and teachers, we cannever be more fruitful than to liaison the gap that Covid-19 has created for educational institution. Which is why we are duty-bound to introduce Nissi Learning Management System. Nissi Learning Management System (Nissi-LMS) is an end to end powerful learning platform. Which is user-friendly because we want you to learn and not be distracted by complex user-interface. And because we care about learning we have thoughtfully crafted our platform uniquely for schools, colleges and educational institutions.

Thoughtfully crafted for Specific need

Because learning is dynamic,we have thoughtfully crafted our platform uniquely for schools, colleges, and educational institutions.

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Features of Nissi- Learning Management system (Nissi –LMS)

  • 1. Exclusive logins for teachers and faculties.
  • 2. Teachers and faculties can record and upload their content into their accounts.
  • 3. Teachers and faculties can have complete control over their content.
  • 4. You can create separate classes for your students from k-12, UG or PG
  • 5. Have more control over your teaching content by diving classes into section.
  • 6. Interface to download teaching material for students.
  • 7. Admission Interface:
    • a) admission form upload module for school
    • b) applicant interface to download the application
    • c) analytics on the applications downloaded

  • 8. Exam Interface
    • a) Exam questions preparation portal
    • b) Exam answers preparation portal
    • c) Online exams -portal
    • d) Certificate generation
  • 9. For online classes interface with video portals for each subject.


The illiterate of the 21st Century are not those who cannot read and write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Alvin Toffler